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Overseas Clients & International Inquires     

Dani Segman Insurance & Financials was established in 1990 to answer insurance and financial
challenges faced by corporations and individuals.  We specialize in solving complex scenarios and providing solutions that are customized to unique circumstances and needs.


Dani Segman Insurance & Financials is recognized for its advantage in providing valuable service for small, medium and large institutions.  The Company is further recognized for its meaningful contributions and for its customized solutions for enterprises and individuals.


We specialize in providing solutions in two main fields:  Risk Management solutions for businesses (including enterprises and manufacturers) and Pension Savings & Life Insurance solutions for groups and individuals.  


Our operation consists of two main divisions. Each division consists of department with a set of expertise designed to provide the most fitted solution for every distinctive scenario. 

þ    Pension Savings & Life Insurance Solutions

þ    Risk management solutions for large, medium and small enterprises and manufacturers. 

§         Business Property and Liability

þ     Special Business Risks solutions

§         Managerial and employee liabilities risks

§         Financial transactions error and omission risks

§         Capital Risks

þ     Third Generation Solutions

§         Identifying unique needs and requirements

§         Analyzing optional solutions

§         Optimizing the best solution for each unique circumstances, requirements and needs


Our Team Leaders:

Dani Segman, President & Founder

The Founder, Dani Segman has extensive experience in insurance, consulting, appraisal assessments, and industrial management.  He is recognized for his leadership in the industrial landscape and his contribution to the Trade & Industry Ministry and the Export Institute in the 1970s.  He dominated a key roll in property appraisal assessments for public and insurance entities during the 1980s.  He founded Dani Segman Insurance & Financials in 1990 where he utilizes his comprehensive knowledge and skills to tailor distinctive solutions for enterprises, groups and individuals.  Mr. Segman Graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) in New York, and the Tel Aviv University in Israel.  He holds A.A.S. in Engineering & Industrial Management and B.A. in Economics & Social Science respectively. 

Orly Avneri, Senior Manager, Life Insurance, Retirements & Pensions

Mrs. Avneri is the Senior Manager of the Life Insurance Department and the Pension & Retirement Savings Department.  She has contributed extensively to both departments since 1993 and has assisted in the retirement and investment portfolio growth.  Orly graduated with a B.S.C. degree from Tel Aviv University in 1994.

Michal Itzhaki - Client Services & Support Representative

Michal, happily married with 3 great kids, has over 16 years experience in
insurance service and customer support. Michal is in charge of client satisfaction
and first level support for the agency. In addition, Michal is handling all website
and internet related inquiries.


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